“Wow, it must feel great to make something that makes people so happy.”

From our Chief Heifer

I’ve always loved ‘real’ food, and always been suspicious of the somewhat dodgy preservatives and additives that go into so much of the food we are offered.

Being a single parent, I was also pretty skint bringing up my three amazing daughters, so they were dished up home-cooked food – better for all of us, but also better for the budget. Just don’t mention chick peas to them.

I happen to love ice cream. But of course, simple and pure dairy ice cream freezes so hard that you either have to chisel it out of the tub, or temper it in the fridge for an hour before eating. With my memory, that just never happened.

And then one day, booze got into the mix and – woo hoo – out came ice cream we could scoop straight from the freezer.

Cue lots of experimenting with new flavour combinations, cue lots of tasting dinner parties, investment in a good domestic ice cream machine (try the Cuisinart ICE 100 range – so much better than the basic ones)... lots of “OMG! That tastes amazing… Why has no one done this before? You MUST start a business”.

So in June 2013, after being nagged at for months by my (now grown-up!) off spring, we took our first tubs to the Crystal Palace Overground Festival. We sold out. My best mate said “Wow, it must feel great to make something that makes people so happy.”

It did. It does. And that’s what we want to go on doing what we do.

I’m a sociable cow

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